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    A monthly publication that focuses on a specific topic e.g. endowments, pensions, consultants, funds of funds. The publication includes three in-depth interviews, statistics and research centered on the theme for the month.

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    Infovest21 integrates the resources from its news organization and content from its seminars for its in-depth white papers, surveys and customized research on topical issues. Special research projects are available on a case-by-case basis. We can design custom workshops, targeted events and special surveys based on your specific needs.

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Investor Focus

A 12-page monthly publication...Each month focusing on a different investor group. Highlights include:
  • 2-3 indepth investor interviews on hedge fund allocation, strategies used,manager selection, decision-making process
  • Relevant research to investor group
  • Relevant statistics
  • Who's Who in investor group
  • Related news articles
  • Regulatory update
  • Sentiment indicators (investor,manager, marketer on a rotating basis; each quarterly)


Infovest21 Eighth Annual Manager Survey:

A Snapshot Look at Today’s Hedge Fund Manager

Table of Contents

I.          Introduction – The Hedge Fund Environment

II.         Major Findings

III.       Assets Under Management

IV.       Differentiating Characteristics

V.        Infrastructure

VI.       Location

VII.      Investor Base

VIII.     Most Frequently Used Strategies

IX.       Portfolio Composition

X.        Performance

XI.       Product Base

XII.      Terms

XIII.     Top Priorities, Challenges and Strategic Changes

XIV.    Appendix

Impact of Asset Size

Historical Comparison: 2014 vs 2013 vs 2010 vs 2008 vs 2007 vs 2006 vs 2005 vs 2003

XV.      About Infovest21

(Excerpt from Survey)

Assets Under Management

The average asset size under management of the respondents was $3.5 billion. About 44% of the hedge funds have assets under $500 million while another 11% have assets between $500 and $999 million. Another 44% have assets of $1 billion or more.


About 55% of the managers said assets were higher compared with last year while 34% said assets were lower. Another 10% said assets were the same as last year.


Length of Track Record

The average length of track record for the managers surveyed was 14 years.

Almost 36% of the respondents have between 10 years and 20 years of experience as a hedge fund manager. Another 23% of the respondents have between five and ten years of experience while another 20% of the managers have less than five years of experience. Over 22% have more than 20 years’ experience.


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To order a copy of the survey, contact Infovest21 at 212-686-6440.


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